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Salam! I’m Yasmine 🌼

A seeker at heart. An explorer of mind. A lover of beauty, nature, wisdom & art.
Born to create & explore. Here to learn & become. Seeking to live by design, not by default.

Just another human in the making; every journey a journey within.

I’m a creative generalist based in Cairo 🇪🇬

I design things for a living by day, & reflect on hypermodern life by night.

My purpose here is to discover treasures of the inner human condition:
mind +
heart +

I explore ideas on personal growth, holistic living, psychology & productivity.

How to Lose Friends & Ignore People

⚠️ Caution: this post contains triggering content on trauma that might be upsetting. Who would ever willingly alienate themselves from others, you wonder? Well, you’re right. No one. Yet you’ve probably met at least one person in your life (or it might be you) that tends to ghost,…

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An Open Letter to Your Ego

Dearest ego, I’m writing to remind you, ever so gently, in case no one ever told you, something you need to hear but no one will dare to say; the biggest elephant in the room: that none of what that happened in your early past was ever your…

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Goodbye Perfect, Hello Brave

There are rarely books I read that I feel I want to reflect or write about. But there is one book in particular I recently read that me feel triggered and quite simply, furious. Let me tell you why… I had stumbled upon this TED talk by Reshma…

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A Year of Well-being over Well-doing

Living through this past year arguably felt like two years, not one! Originally, my intentions were to try to heal from burnout, seek to live with more intentionality, and explore what living holistically looks like. Thankfully, it seems I got what I prayed for! Yet it was far…

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What 28 Chapters of Life Taught Me

Oscar Wilde once said, “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” I sure hope that’s not the case here. Because over the years, I’d like to think that something deep inside me was unfolding below the chaos of everyday life on this spaceship we call home.…

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The Human Condition

War raging. Bodies falling. Homes collapsing. Bombs dropping. A heartbeat dying. An ego transgressing. A child screaming. A mother grieving. Two fists colliding. A hand stealing. Nightfall pervading. Darknesses looming. Fear permeating. Cowardice befalling. There are a thousand ways one can come to know evil, ugliness and suffering.…

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The Essence of Gratitude

They say in this day and age, miracles are a thing of the past. But I believe in miracles, because I see them everyday. I see every moment, an unfolding of Divine perfection. I see every event, a crystallized matrix of infinite possibilities. I see every encounter, an…

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A Manifesto for Women in the Arena

We all live with an inner voice that feeds on our fears and insecurities, seeking to protect our egos from every risk, threat or danger. For whatever reason, this inner critic stops a lot more women than men from being in the arena of public life, impact or…

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Beholding the Universe Within

There is a microcosm in each & every one of us, just like the macrocosm, longing to be known, waiting to be discovered. Below is a humble attempt to explore one’s inner landscapes, even if the experience remains essentially incommunicable. But whatever cannot be definitively described in speech…

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On Being in the In-between

On definitions, labels and the in-between… In this world of extremes, I always find myself in the in-between.I am too sophisticated for the simple-minded and too simple-minded for the sophisticated.I am too liberal for the conservative and too conservative for the liberal.I am too materialistic for the idealist…

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