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Journaling: A Means to Become

“Why do I write? And why do I want to write?”
I once asked myself.

I write to heal the wounds I experience in life.
I write to crystallize my train of thought.
I write to reach solid conclusions.
I write to crystallize my own beliefs.
I write to calm the storm raging in my head.
I write to reveal the hidden unseen realm within me.
I write to arrive at my own personal truths to live with.
I write to bring forth the underlying reality that I know surrounds me.
I write to find pearls buried in the depths of the ocean that is my mind.
I write to expose the workings of my subconscious.
I write to remind myself of the truth I once forgot.
I write to resolve the contradictions I live with and believe in.
I write to find meaning amidst the chaos of thought.
I write to witness the unfolding evolution of my thought.
I write to embark on a journey of inner discovery.
I write to find the light at the end of the tunnel.
I write to carve in stone my contribution to the world.
I write to discover and create my voice.
I write to manifest my inner reality.
I write to explore the universe within me.
I write to accelerate my becoming.

That is why I write, and that is why I must write.

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