Living Heart:full

On Being in the In-between

On definitions, labels and the in-between…

In this world of extremes,
I always find myself in the in-between.
I am too sophisticated for the simple-minded
and too simple-minded for the sophisticated.
I am too liberal for the conservative
and too conservative for the liberal.
I am too materialistic for the idealist
and too idealistic for the materialist.
I am too worldly for the saint
and too unworldly for the skeptic.
I am too secular for the religious
and too religious for the secular.
I am too intellectual for the spiritual
and too spiritual for the intellectual.
I am a walking paradox of contradictions;
striving towards a coherent whole.
I am not from here, nor there;
swaying between the extraordinary and mundane.
I am not where I began but I am nowhere
near where I am meant to arrive.
I am dwelling in the in-between;
torn between the sacred and the profane.
I am undefined and refuse to be defined;
my essence unencompassed by any form.
I am just another body struggling to find peace
amidst the chaos we call life.
I am just another heart trying to embody
the sincerity of the pursuit.
I am just another soul searching for the Divine;
to live by His terms, not mine.
I am just another spirit striving to become
worthy of the ultimate Encounter.
I am just another human in the making;
‘making every journey a journey within’.

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