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Beholding the Universe Within

There is a microcosm in each & every one of us, just like the macrocosm, longing to be known, waiting to be discovered. Below is a humble attempt to explore one’s inner landscapes, even if the experience remains essentially incommunicable. But whatever cannot be definitively described in speech can be captured in the realm of poetry.

One day you awoke, adrift in this universe;
you arrived amongst many in the here and now.
Out there, you’re lost, afraid, bitter and cold.
You’re made to believe that this is your only abode,
yet another universe within you exists, untold.
An inner cosmos made for your eyes alone;
one that no one has ever set foot on but you;
one that no one will ever experience but you.

And what a beauty to witness; what a sight to behold.
What a wonder to explore; what a treasure to take hold of.
It is where you dwell, day and night; the one inside you.
It is the only home you will ever come to know.
It is the only soil that is solely yours to grow.
It is the only thing in life you truly own.

There are marvels that await you beyond all measure,
what a pity it is to stay blind to your own treasure.
But if only you had the eyes to see inside;
if only you had the time to welcome everything in;
if only you had the intellect to grasp them all.
However you choose to live, within or without,
know that the choice is solely yours to make;
but if you look within, you shall awaken. *

And the longer you dwell, the clearer you will see
a map of the inner world slowly start to appear.
You are a walking paradox of dualities, my dear.
There is a war raging between your essence and ego;
a tide flowing between your conscious and subconscious;
and a power struggle between your heart and intellect.
Welcome to the battleground that is your self.
Witness the kaleidoscope that is your being.

1. The Self

Here is where all the wonders of the inner universe meet.
Here is the duality of the human condition embodied.
Here is the Divine trust bestowed upon your body.
Here is the perfect storm that is unmistakably yours.

A vivid symphony coalescing, each instrument playing its part.
A spectrum of bursting emotions, dancing together in harmony.
Each feeling serving a purpose, each sensation fulfilling a role.

The arena for all the forces at play in your being;
each at odds with the other, fighting for the triumph.
Every morning a new battle; every night a new outcome.

2. The Essence

Here is the core of your being that remains untold.
Here is the mystery of your existence yet to unfold.
Here is the intersection of infinite and finite at centerfold.
Here is the quintessence of the outer universe to behold.
Here is where your limitless potential radiates unforetold.
Here is why there will never be another you in the world.

Here is where the heart, soul and spirit
coalesce together to forge a singularity called ‘You’;
the source of your energy; the fuel of your becoming.
A black hole, manifest only by light around it.
You can’t see it, only what surrounds it.
Its pull so propelling, light cannot escape it.
Its force so encompassing, gravity bends around it.

3. The Ego

Here is the place where all fears reside.
Here is the fountain of all earthly desire.
Here is the force behind all that is deemed evil.
Here is the wasteland of all things temporal and shiny.
Here is the origin of all pride, greed, despair and envy.
Here is where all the dark shadows come to play.

Chasing to possess the waning object of desire;
seeking to control what cannot be controlled;
destroying anything in the way of its pursuit;
escaping from the light that burns its tail;
preserving its own existence above all gain;
running from its biggest fear, annihilation;
dreading its worst nightmare, defeat.

But the truth is, it serves a purpose:
created to ensure your earthly survival.
The goal is, to arrive at its final fate:
wholly enveloped by the essence;
embraced like a wounded child;
tamed like a wild lion.

4. The Subconscious

Here is the best kept secret of the inner universe.
Here is the boundless dark energy that surrounds it all.
Here is where the history of your human experience resides.
Here is where the treasures of your human psyche can be found.
Here is where all happenings from the outer universe descend.
Like craters on the moon, each collision leaves a trace.
An ocean without a shore. An enigma without a code.
A labyrinth of entangled belief, memory and emotion.
An engine of human complexity in ecstatic motion.
A volcano ceaselessly raging from within.
Every moment, a new eruption,
rising to the surface.

5. The Conscious

Here is the shore of your subconscious;
the tip of the iceberg; the crater of the volcano.
A spotlight always searching for an object of focus.
A candle illuminating amidst the dark of the unknown.
A momentary dip into the endless river of thought.

Every line of thinking, as delicate as chasing a butterfly.
Every insight, born from the fountain of the subconscious.
Every realization, a culmination of merging clusters of ideas.
Every emotion, an invitation to uncover a hidden inner reality.
Every state of being, a step in the journey of your becoming.
Every encounter, a testimony of the silent glory of existence.

Too many possibilities, too many eventualities;
every moment is different, and yet it seems the same.
All this majestic glory, how does one take it all in?
Moment by moment, breath by breath,
this is the feat of your consciousness.

6. The Intellect

Here is the key to unlocking every inner & outer mystery.
Here is the means to understand the seen and unseen universe.
Here is where the pieces of the puzzle come to fit together.
Here is the force you’ve been given to seek the essence of things.

This is the gift bestowed upon man alone, above all creation.
This is the vehicle able to witness miracles on display.
This is where “Light upon light” becomes a reality.
This is how man can be taught “what he did not know.”
This is the reason man can discover a higher truth; that

Whatever happens outside, is meant to change what is inside.
Whatever befalls, “the only journey is the one within.” *
Whatever arises, realize it is all for your becoming.
Whatever comes, you are dealing with the face of God.

7. The Heart

Here is the gemstone of the known universe.
Here is the only thing that matters, in the end.
Here is the reason, here is the goal behind it all.
Here is the place where the Divine light shines.
Here is where the Divine can be encountered.
Here is the means to arrive at one’s ultimate home.

To draw near to truth, beauty and good;
to yearn for the infinite and what is beyond;
to embark on a path to be as pure as can be;
to undertake a quest to be sincere as can be;
to become a mirror as clear as can be;
to seek eternal union with the Beloved;
to able to find Him in this life;
is “the greatest human achievement.” *

Once you traverse your inner universe, you will see;
you are the beating heart of this cosmos, my dear.
You are the universe embodied, yet you are your own universe.
You are in this world, yet you are not of this world.
You house something within you that
transcends all space and time; something eternal.
You have something inside you that even
entropy cannot defeat; something imperishable.
You are among the most precious creatures
to have ever walked this earth; something irreplaceable.
You are among the most prized of His divine kingdom;
your being here neither in vain, nor without purpose.

And if you fear that the path to Him is unclear;
if you fear that you are nowhere near, know that
your becoming does not negate your being, my dear.
You are perfection manifesting to a Divine design.
Every human being, an intricate tapestry in the making;
a manifold of Beauty and Majesty; an interplay of opposites;
a duality unraveling in space; a synthesis unfolding in time.
That is why everything you seek was inside all along.
That is how you become yet have been all along.

I pray that one day you come to discover, my dear,
you are Loved and have been long before you were here.
Open your eyes to see the showers of His Divine Love.
Purify your heart to feel the light of His Divine Grace.
Empty your mind to receive the power of His Divine Embrace.
Seek sincerity in all your affairs and the path to explore
the wonders of your inner universe will begin to appear.

Slavic_G · Hans Zimmer Murph Interstellar (Illuminated Star Projection Edition)

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