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An Open Letter to Your Ego

Dearest ego,

I’m writing to remind you, ever so gently, in case no one ever told you, something you need to hear but no one will dare to say; the biggest elephant in the room: that none of what that happened in your early past was ever your fault. You deserved to be loved in the way that you needed by the people closest to you, like every other innocent child. You were young and defenseless. You were left wounded, and have been bleeding all this time, whether you know it or not. It’s okay, it’s not your doing. And you coped with it in the ways you knew then, and that’s okay too.

But beyond the shame you still carry on your shoulders that you are somehow flawed, unworthy or deserved what happened to you, and beyond the blame you still throw on others for hurting you in the way they did, you will realize that whoever hurt you, did so from their own unhealed wounds too. It was never personal. They did the best they could and knew how, and gave you all they had to offer, even if it isn’t what you wanted or needed. It was their doing, not yours.

But living as if nothing happened is not the answer. Ignoring the impact it left on you is not the answer. Running from the darkest parts of yourself is not the answer. Staying wounded is not the answer. Keeping your unhappy status quo because you think you deserve to be unhappy is not the answer. Hiding behind a mask for the rest of your life isn’t the answer. Playing the victim in your own life or the perpetrator in someone else’s life is not the answer. Retaliating is not the answer. Perpetuating the suffering around you is not the answer. Hurting people who actually care about you in the present is not the answer. Projecting your past onto the present is not the answer.

Because beyond the facts, something else was taking place, something you couldn’t see back then. Invisible hands were guiding you on the journey of who you were meant to be. Your suffering was not in vain, it was all for your becoming.

And all the things you thought you never received, was it really so?

Look back and you will see, that indeed you were loved, unconditionally, before you were even born. So no, you were never neglected, abandoned or rejected by the One who matters most. You were loved by the One breathed life into your spirit. He sent you people, things and circumstances to awaken you, teach you, sooth you, heal you, and show you where you needed to grow. You were loved and have been loved all along, all this time, unbeknownst to you. You are loved, seen, heard, validated and accepted, by Him SWT. You were never alone. It was an illusion. You were always connected. He was never far. You were being taken care of; always have been and always will be. And you are right on time, here and now, to finally see it, taste it, feel it. It is time to witness your God-given essence and see your existence through Divine eyes. Unconditional love exists, and you have received it, all along. The question now is, is that enough for you?

It is time to witness your God-given essence and see your existence through Divine eyes.

Because the underlying truth is: God gave you a sound heart and bestowed you with your worth before you even entered this world. Your worth is a given. No one can deny that. Not even you. Beneath all your surface wounds, pain and shortcoming, there is a place inside that remains untouched, undamaged, untainted. You are strong, powerful, intelligent, loving, beautiful and deserving of all beauty and good. I wish one day you can come to see the rare diamond that you are, and come to cherish it, love it and honor it as I do. It’s time to discover your true worth, beyond labels, definitions or circumstances, lying beneath all that has ever happened and will happen. It’s time to recognize that you are not lost, you are well on your way.

You see, it’s not hopeless anymore. You’re not helpless anymore. You’re not voiceless anymore. It’s time to take charge of your own becoming, and come into your own being. It’s time to take responsibility for how you show up here and now in the world. It’s time to remember where you came from. It’s time to awaken to your sacred calling. Don’t you know you are a wonder of Divine making?

So when you’re ready to heal, I’ll be patiently waiting, as I have been all along. And when you’ve done the work, I will appear, as luminous as I have been all along.

Till we unite again,

Your Essence

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