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Holistic Living

Exploring ways to live a life aligned with the heart, body, mind and spirit.

  • A Year of Well-being over Well-doing
    A Year of Well-being over Well-doing

    Living through this past year arguably felt like two years, not one! Originally, my intentions were to try to heal from burnout, seek to live with more intentionality, and explore what living holistically looks like. Thankfully, it seems I got what I prayed for! Yet it was far from easy, linear or clear; indeed as…

  • The Essence of Gratitude
    The Essence of Gratitude

    They say in this day and age, miracles are a thing of the past. But I believe in miracles, because I see them everyday. I see every moment, an unfolding of Divine perfection. I see every event, a crystallized matrix of infinite possibilities. I see every encounter, an instance of Divine teaching. I see every…

  • Whatever happened to Ramadan?
    Whatever happened to Ramadan?

    Lights. Decorations. Lavish Food. Grocery shopping frenzies. Lively family gatherings. ‘Ramadan Nights’ festivities. Suhoor outings. Countless TV series. Catchy TV commercials. Relatable internet memes. Never-ending social media trends. Did I mention countless TV series? We are all familiar with the social forms surrounding the holy month of Ramadan; my contention here is that perhaps we…

  • Living 2021 by Design ✨
    Living 2021 by Design ✨

    I have a huge confession to make… I have not been living up to the theme and slogan of my own blog: Living by design, not by default. To tell the truth, the only thing I have designed in my life so far is working on my short-term career or work-related goals, that’s it. Because…

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