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  • A Year of Well-being over Well-doing
    A Year of Well-being over Well-doing

    Living through this past year arguably felt like two years, not one! Originally, my intentions were to try to heal from burnout, seek to live with more intentionality, and explore what living holistically looks like. Thankfully, it seems I got what I prayed for! Yet it was far from easy, linear or clear; indeed as…

  • Planning your Week with Notion
    Planning your Week with Notion

    Modern life can get overwhelming sometimes; tell me about it. The rising pace of everyday life demands the use of many tools like calendars, to-do lists, planners and other productivity apps to cope with our busy lives and stay on top of our crowded schedules. There has to be an easier way to think, do…

  • 2019 in Review: A Year of Courage
    2019 in Review: A Year of Courage

    “They say you can do more in one year, than in your entire life.“ I know that for a fact, because I just did so this year. But before I tell you how, let me give you a bit of my backstory…

  • Journaling: A Means to Become
    Journaling: A Means to Become

    “Why do I write? And why do I want to write?”I once asked myself. I write to heal the wounds I experience in life. I write to crystallize my train of thought. I write to reach solid conclusions. I write to crystallize my own beliefs. I write to calm the storm raging in my head.…

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