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Essays on the inner world of the psyche, mental health and the modern human condition.

  • How to Lose Friends & Ignore People
    How to Lose Friends & Ignore People

    ⚠️ Caution: this post contains triggering content on trauma that might be upsetting. Who would ever willingly alienate themselves from others, you wonder? Well, you’re right. No one. Yet you’ve probably met at least one person in your life (or it might be you) that tends to ghost, avoid calls or texts, hides from or…

  • The Human Condition
    The Human Condition

    War raging. Bodies falling. Homes collapsing. Bombs dropping. A heartbeat dying. An ego transgressing. A child screaming. A mother grieving. Two fists colliding. A hand stealing. Nightfall pervading. Darknesses looming. Fear permeating. Cowardice befalling. There are a thousand ways one can come to know evil, ugliness and suffering. Peace prevailing. Spirits awakening. Flowers blooming. Seeds…

  • Beholding the Universe Within
    Beholding the Universe Within

    There is a microcosm in each & every one of us, just like the macrocosm, longing to be known, waiting to be discovered. Below is a humble attempt to explore one’s inner landscapes, even if the experience remains essentially incommunicable. But whatever cannot be definitively described in speech can be captured in the realm of…

  • Adulting in the Age of the Internet
    Adulting in the Age of the Internet

    This is not a philosophical treatise on the post-modern millennial condition (although I wish it were). This is an emotionally packed yet elaborate rant on my personal experience of being a millennial nowadays and my desperate attempt to philosophize and make sense of it for my own sanity. I’m simply articulating what I feel and…

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